Movers and Groovers is a developmental dance class for children ages 2.5 to 5 that explores many diverse styles of dance from all over the world! Including Ballet, Jazz, Hip-hop, Salsa, flamenco, Country Line Dancing, Swing, African and Bollywood! Through each week’s diverse adventure, Movers and Groovers works to establish a nurturing and creative environment for your child to explore self-expression, and imagination in motion while working to enhance body awareness, flexibility, strength, focus and self confidence. Your child will flourish in our outrageously fun community of wigglers, shakers, movers and groovers!



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Point Loma CCP Movers and Groovers Enrollment
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Session Runs 8 Weeks! Monday: September 16th - November 18th Thursday: September 19th - November 21st NO CLASS: Oct. 24th/28th and Nov. 11th/14th
If there are any care needs/special requests that I should take note of to best serve your child, feel free to post it here!