Lucy Loop’s Journey Through the Land of Lost Things

A handmade puppet show written and performed by Nancy Ross and Lucy Loop. First performed at Mary Hitchcock Puppet Theatre in July 2018. Learn more below and stay tuned for upcoming shows and events!


Lucy Loop finds herself in a strange new land; the Land of Lost Things. As she stands in awe, staring up at the grand walls into Puzzle World, Lucy Loop sees that no matter how hard she try’s, she doesn’t fit the requirements to enter Puzzle World, for she is not a perfectly curved puzzle piece. With great gusto and stride, Lucy Loop sets off into the Land of Lost Things to find out how she can change herself to fit in. Throughout her journey, Lucy Loop meets many friends, who, through song, dance, bubble art and pure silly entertainment help Lucy Loop discover many important lessons about handling grumpy feelings, letting go of the notion of fitting in, and that Lucy Loop needn’t try to be anything but her loopy Lucy self, for she is wonderful, just the way she is! Written and performed by Lucy Forton and Nancy Ross.